OCommSmartgreens 2018 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 1

BIM based Holistic Energy Performance Management of Existing Building Stock


Stylianos Karatzas

Abstract: The overall goal of this PhD research is the development of a Holistic Energy Performance Optimization Framework for the energy performance management of existing buildings. It combines Building Information Modeling, advanced simulation models and Lean Business Process Reengineering and optimization techniques for achieving enhanced energy efficiency of existing building stock. A new framework, defined as ReBIM, is proposed which implies a process with three major phases: Retrieval phase, dedicated to the collection of facts about the existing building, Realization phase, dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of the collected facts to obtain the necessary understanding of the building and its performance and prepare for the necessary actions for enhanced energy efficiency and Resolution phase, dedicated to the identification and selection of the optimized scenario for energy performance, which will be a synthesis of Re-engineering, Retro-commissioning and Retrofitting actions.