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Invited Lecture
“Smart Retail” & “Beacons”
Vincenzo Sinibaldi

Brief Bio
Vincenzo Sinibaldi is currently a Business Development Manager for Thanks Again and Smart City solutions in Italy and Europe. He has Joined Comarch Italy since last November after the collaborations with Aeroporti di Roma and Expo Milano 2015. Vincenzo is experienced in most of retail & merchandising activities: -Network Expansion & Development, -Shop Opening & Management, -Allocation of Commercial Areas, -Travel Retail, - Airport. To learn more about Vincenzo’s work, visit smartcity.comarch.com or thanksagain.comarch.com

How do you reach a customer who has lots of applications on his or her phone and doesn't know which one to use? How can you guide tourists through a city so that they see the most interesting sites and leave with the best memories? Can a passenger shop at an airport store via her phone then collect the purchases in the store, and then reserve a seat in the VIP area immediately upon landing? How can you help residents sort out all of their official affairs quickly and assist them in city life? The modern world offers us lots of ways to reach customers - we just have to find the one that is most effective. This means being smart, as today's customers are smart - they want to receive information that is relevant to their current location, their interests and their past experiences. Preferably information that meets all three of these criteria at once. Today’s world is a connected world. Even remote cities form a coherent whole and a customer moving within this space is its integral part. Whether you are managing an airport, a form of public transport or a shopping center, you are part of creating the space that is actively used by residents, clients and tourists alike. New technologies are designed to give the consumer a greater, faster and safer shopping experience. Everything around is becoming more interconnected through advanced technology such as beacons. They can be placed everywhere and are connecting unlimited number of devices. It creates many powerful and innovative ways to reach the customers and interact with them. Not to mention all advertisements which could be personalized and answer to the specific need of a particular customer.