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Partner Events

Conferences, congresses and other meetings related to this event or one of its satellite events are welcome to enter a partnership with SMARTGREENS by means of which the events assist each other in divulging their events through a link exchange and/or by publishing information about the partner events.

Current Partner Events:


IGCC’14 will provide a forum for presenting and discussing innovative research on a broad range of topics in the fields of sustainable and energy-efficient computing, and computing for a more sustainable planet. The conference will hold a technical program, panels, workshops, and tutorials on these topics. IGCC’14 will be technically co-sponsored by the IEEE. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Sustainable Computing (Power-aware algorithms and protocols; Power-aware software and hardware; Low-power electronics and systems; Application-specific ASICs and FPGAs; Sensing and monitoring; Characterization, metrics, and modeling; Reliability, thermal behavior and control; Power-efficient delivery and cooling; Life-cycle analysis of IT equipment) and Computing for Sustainability (Renewable energy models and prediction; Matching energy supply and demand; Smart grid and microgrids; Smart transportation and manufacturing; Smart buildings and urban development; Energy harvesting, storage, and recycling; Climate and ecosystem monitoring; Using IT to reduce carbon emissions; Carbon metering and user feedback).